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I was born in Valentine, Nebraska. I lived in a few places across the Corn Husker state before I eventually moved to Arizona in the summer of '98. Shortly afterwards I began to study martial arts, along with self-instructed drawing practice and computer repair. My interest in computer repair was greatly spurred onwards by my mother's reliance on her PC for her appraisal business, as she was unfortunate enough to have the Migraine Edition of Windows, Win ME. I gained a lot of practical experience from my time spent working on that computer, and there certainly would be plenty more to come.

During high school, I took my first chance at a few basic computer classes. I became a proficient typist and learned the basic hardware and software processes of a an average computer. I even learned a bit of C++, Java, and HTML programming too! I graduated in 2005 from Mountain View High School, and from there I went to the U of A to study physics. My deep interest in how things work drew me toward physics like a moth to a flame. But when I realized the job market was going no where fast, I decided to go into the field I already enjoyed and knew well for being self taught, computers and networking technology.

It was then I learned about the great programs at ITT Tech and got to see the facilities. A variety of hands on classes helped me become familiar with Active Directory, DNS, cabling techniques, and many other things. Along the way, I have met some amazing teachers who helped me progress with my career field. I received my Associates of Science in Information Technology - Computer Networking Systems in December of 2010. And now I'm on my way to a Bachelor's of Science in Project Management to further my education and expand my horizons.

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