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In my spare time, I like to draw, practice photography, exercise with martial arts (black belt in
kajukenbo), scuba diving, video games, fixing something electronic, or sitting down with some good fantasy or horror book. I prefer things that engage the mind, whether it is through strategy, puzzles, or some creative outlet! I don't watch TV, though I do manage to watch a movie here and there.

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My Drawings, Photography work, and more!
My Deviant Art Account

A mini gallery of a wired cat 5e network I installed in 2005

Computers I have Built - Check them out if you're curious! :)

  • All the pictures used on this web site have been created by me.
    • The picture used for the intro page was created using a fractal program called Apophysis. So were the other images used in the background and top banner.
    • The picture on the home page was for a self portrait class, the bottom of my foot.
    • My Bio page features a drawing done from a self portrait class I made.
    • The "Meet Me" page features a basic light painting photograph.
    • On the "Work Samples" page is a photograph of a air bubble ring in Kauai, Hawaii.
    • The picture featured below is located in Valentine, Nebraska.
    • Lastly, the picture on the FAQ page is from California.

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