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Hello there! My name is Wade Schlueter, and for as long as I could remember I've had a passion to learn how things work. My first computer and introduction into personal computing was Windows 3.11. It had a 200 MB hard drive and a 28 MHz processor with a internal CD drive. At the time, it was an amazing piece of technology which piqued my interest in computers.

Though I officially started to learn the technical aspects of computers when my mother bought the "Migraine" edition of Windows from Microsoft; also known as Windows ME. A "little" motivation from my mother as well as my own curiosity to fix her home business computer pushed me to always learn more. Since then, my passion to understand the inner workings and details of these machines we rely on every day has led me to ITT Technical Institute, where I received my Associates of Science in Information Technology - Computer Networking Systems in December of 2010. And now I'm on my way to a Bachelor's of Science in Project Management! The world of technology is constantly evolving, and I want to see it in action!

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